5 Essential Things To Do Before Going To Sleep

It might be obvious but most people don’t even do the smallest and simplest tricks to improve their sleep. Sleep is one the most important parts of your day. Quality sleep will improve both your physical and mental health. Lack of sleep will absolutely destroy you. 

Make sure you have earplugs and eye mask.

These two things will absolutely help you sleep better. Noise and light can really mess your sleep up. Make sure you eliminate those problems. There is plenty of research to support usage of earplugs and eye masks to improve sleep. [1],[2]

Make sure to wear socks

There are plenty of supporting evidence that wearing socks in bed will improve the quality of your sleep. When it comes to sleep you really want to grab on anything that will improve it. Little things like that are making the difference. [3]

Take a bath/shower before sleep

Body heating before bed improves the quality of your sleep [4]. Taking a bath or shower before sleep not only makes you clean and ready for bed, but also affects how well you will sleep. Moreover it’s a good routine to have and routines make your life less stressful, which is a good way to sleep tight as well.

Stop bingeing on social media

If you want to prepare your brain for a quality rest, the best thing to do is stop overusing your phone. You won’t lose anything if you use it less, but you’ll gain a lot. Several studies show how phones develop insomnia, anxiety, higher stress levels etc. Phones nowadays are designed to make you lifeless and easy to control. Throw it away and half of your problems will go away. [5], [6], [7].

hand throwing a phone in the trash with broken screen

Meditation / Yoga

Another way of drastically improving your sleep is Meditation or Yoga. Both of these activities are aimed to heal your body and calm you down. You will be absolutely surprised how these 2 go hand in hand and really help the quality of your sleep. Again there is plenty of evidence that supports this claim. [8],[9],[10].

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